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P G Patki Architects

P G Patki Architects, is amongst the leading architectural firms in India, with a portfolio that ranges from Luxury Hotels, Multi-specialty hospitals, Corporate and IT office complexes, Retail and Entertainment centres and Residential Townships. The firm has consistently built landmark projects with a reputation for excellence over the last 45 years, which legacy of distinction is carried forward by S.P. Patki. The Late P. G. PATKI, the Founder of the Company, was amongst the foremost practicing Architects of the country with several prestigious projects to his design credit.

Currently the firm is spearheaded by Mr. S.P. Patki, an architect with awards in recognition of his work conferred by Construction World, CNBC, The Economic Times, Accommodation Times, Society Interiors, Archi Design, Century Ply, EPC World, Indian Architecture Design, Era Fame, IDE to name a few.



S P Patki

Principal Architect

Mr Patki’s personality reflects his strong commitment to design that makes him stand out in the buzzing architectural community of India and the world. In a shifting scenario, he recognizes how the challenges of the industry have widened the role, scope and responsibilities of architects and architectural companies. Architecture plays a pivotal role in shaping landscapes, trends and beliefs; so PG Patki works at a variety of scales and places projects within a wider context, including a keen understanding of sensibilities and aesthetics that appeal to all. They are built to interact deeply with both the simple and complex facets that determine the contemporary cityscapes.

As Principal Architect at PG Patki Architects, he is responsible for steering the Company into the future. Under his leadership, PG Patki Architects is now amongst the leading architectural firms in India, with a varied portfolio that ranges from Luxury Hotels, Residential Enclaves, Multi-speciality Hospitals, Corporate Offices, IT Complexes, Retail and Entertainment Centres and SEZ and Township developments. The firm has consistently built landmark projects strengthening its reputation for excellence over the last 25 years.

Viraj Patki

Chief Executive Officer

An alumnus of the Academy of Architecture and the Bombay International School, Viraj hasdeveloped a reputation of being an architect who consistently pushes the boundaries of design for PG Patki Architects. Her work encompasses varied fields of design, from large scale urban projects to interior spaces. This breadth and versatility has come to be associated with PG Patki, a firm with a proud legacy of over 50 years.

For Viraj, the vision of the client is of paramount importance and she draws inspiration from the individual needs of each client, while striving to create relevant designs that stand the test of time.

She is a strong believer of form following function, versatility being her forte. Once a design achieves the function it is intended for, it can take on any creative form that appeals to the eye to complement the function. Viraj and her team consistently rise to the challenge of maintaining a balance between the aesthetics and functionality of each project, with emphasis on artful and practical use of space.

Keeping up with contemporary trends in the world of interior design, Viraj ensures that each design is executed effortlessly and without compromise. A believer in realistic, timeless trends and simplicity in design, Viraj says “Our designs are not a reflection of who we are; they instead mirror our clients’ vision, requirements and aspirations”. She uses her perception to translate a client’s vision into reality and is drawn to large spaces and big projects that allow her to maximise her creativity, while remaining sensitive to the intricate detailing that goes in to projects irrespective of scale.

She admires the work of Frank Lloyd Wright, an American architect and interior designer, who believed in designing structures that were in harmony with humanity and its environment: a philosophy he called ‘organic architecture’.

As a working mother, Viraj maximises her leisurely moments by spending quality time with her children and family. A keen traveller, she looks forward to several breaks throughout the year, in order to rejuvenate herself and return to work with renewed vigour and enthusiasm. As a fitness and movie buff, Viraj ensures she has different ways to keep both her body and her mind active.