Architectural design

At PGP, we strongly believe in maintaining a balance between the aesthetics and functionality of each project we embark upon, to create successful landmarks in the world of architectural design. The vision and aspirations of the client are of primary importance and hence the firm collaborates closely with clients and communities to evaluate core characteristics of each project and enhance its overall value.
Our key objective is to maintain consistency of design objectives across collaborating consultants, without compromising on creativity and innovation. Hence, the site circulation, traffic planning, identity, façade, service entrances and interior spaces of each building come together to meet design and business objectives seamlessly and ensure smooth completion of the projects.

Interior design

With a notable strength in designing diverse spaces within the field of interior design both within the country and internationally, PGP has developed a reputation of constantly pushing the boundaries of design effortlessly. We strive to create elegant, classic designs while keeping abreast of contemporary world trends as per the individual needs of our clients. Practical and skillful use of space and emphasis on intricate detailing allow us to maximize our vision to create inspiring designs that stand the test of time.

Landscape design

We believe in creating landscapes that cater to the ecological, social and economic aspects of sustainability, to form an environment which is conducive to the local climate. We combine aspects of innovation and experimentation to move beyond the conventional scope of landscape practices. Our purposeful approach towards blurring our landscapes between indoors and outdoors leads to a planned evolution of fluidly linked spaces.
With villa townships, mall spaces, club houses and luxury residences forming the domain of our landscape scope, PGP has seamlessly intertwined nature with aesthetics to bring out the project’s potential to the fullest. Our emphasis is on suitable designs that lead to practical, cost effective, visually arresting areas which are easily maintainable as well as environmentally friendly.